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What is Statue of Limitations?

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It is a time limit imposed by the States for filing lawsuits. Depending on the type of lawsuit, the time limit to file a claim can be different. For example, in Tennessee, plaintiffs have one year to file lawsuit involving an injury to Person, three years for injury to personal property, six years for written and oral contracts and four years for for-sale contracts. One reason of the limit is to ensure claims are filed soon after the incident that evidence such as witness testimony remains clear and useful. In addition, the time limits prevent potential plaintiffs from threatening lawsuits indefinitely. Call our office without delay If you are thinking about filing law suit or you may be forever barred from making a claim.

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Very honest person, professional and takes the time to listen to people, very kind and informative. I would hire him with my eyes closed no doubt about it...

Carolina T.

Frank is a true Gentleman dedicated to his Clients and fights for them at every turn. He does not quit and he is always on your side. Having Frank as my Attorney was a great Legal Experience. Thank you Frank Gene.

Gene S.

Frank Steiner has provided excellent legal services for my family and I on more than one occasion. They are very personable, and I would highly recommend them to handle your legal needs!

James P.


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